Temper Temper!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peas has temper tantrums down. She could write a book- you know if she could write- at least. She has the best pouty face with tears and a furrowed brow I have seen in a long time. Also she is not shy about using it- no outside? Collapse into a puddle of pout..

When she get angry- disappointed- overwhelmed whatever she kneels down and throws her torso to the ground protest style while emitting the shrill shriek that she has somehow the ability to make the loudest noise I think I have ever heard. Not only is it loud it also posses the ability to catapult anyone with out a heart of stone into acting. Something or someone is breaking her heart and she is letting the world at large know.

The problem is she is not very discretionary with these displays. Sidewalk, driveway, playground, living room- all have been stages for her dramatic display of toddler temper. At the moment it is fairly convenient as I am still (for the moment at least) bigger than her so I can pick her up and deal with the temper.

As she gets older I have visions of her throwing herself in racking sobs on to her bed at the smallest slight imagined or real.


Anonymous said...

I've found the best way to deal with public tantrums is to stare blankly into the distance and mutter: "Whose child is that?"

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