Not fun

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Every six months a woman in the area has a Carters Sample Sale- like a designer sample sale for the under 7 crowd.

It is not for the feint hearted- as I learned the hard way today. There were some of the rudest moms and women I have EVER had the less than fortune of coming across- it took all I had not to say exactly what I thought of them to their faces- which would have felt great- but would have been a poor example for my children.

They were some of the greediest- self important asshat women I have ever met.

Two women took the VAST majority of ALL of the size 5 clothes for girls- all of them- it would be like taking an entire size 5 section at the store.

I get that the manners are a bit different with regards to how this sale works. You go take a ton of clothes and go through and pick what you want and put the rest back- but you do not take and ENTIRE section then horde it- hello bitch.

Next time I am not bringing the kids so I can say what I want to say without needing to feel guilty. Or I am bringing a bat...


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