Nutcracker Suite.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am and was a total girl. A sucker for horses, tutus, and pretty dancing.
From before I can remember I took Ballet lessons. To this day first position, second position, and plie are part of my vocabulary that cannot be deleted.

One of the best things that I have associated with dance is the Nutcracker. Again since I was little my parents took me to see the Arie Crown Nutcracker at McCormick place in the city. That day was always magical: the orchestra the costumes, the dance, the story! When I started dancing at a ballet studio and we did a production of it I was beyond thrilled.

So I netflix'd the Gelsey Kirkland Nutcracker to introduce Princess to the magical story. I do not know who has been more mesmerized by the show- her or I.

Watching this is making me want to take ballet again- it happens every few months- I'll see a routine or a production and feel compelled to find a studio and take a class- even though I'll never be a gifted dancer- there is something to be said for the expression.

Now Princess is begging for ballet lessons too. If I could remember to catch the park district ones and sign her up I would in a heartbeat- however I am a champion procrastinator.


Anonymous said...

Love love love the Nutcracker. I'm really looking forward to Nutcracker season in a couple of months. My daughter's old enough to enjoy the whole thing this year, not just the abridged version.

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