Well I gave up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After forgetting another appointment and another play date I gave in and purchased one of the 'mom calenders' they type that I can hang on the fridge, has a line for each family member, and stickers for commonly occurring events. It also has a pocked to put invitations, cards, etc that I may need to remember associated events.

I have arrived in the stay at home mom world and this just seals my fate. I am a mom. My life is apparently exists to serve my children and provide food and transportation to their various social commitments.

To counter act this 'mom hood' I am feeling compelled to get my nose pierced or do something else non suburban stay at home mom- ish. I mean at some point I have begun to be trapped in the mommy-hood and now I have begun to have a problem being defined as a mom. I have the perennial garden, the minivan, car-seats, and the accompanying milk stains. There is a better chance of finding a diaper or a hair clippy in my purse than lipgloss. My shoes are sensible Naturalizer. My hair is perpetually ponytailed. I need to break out of the mom mold and find my own way agian.


Heather said...

I can soooo relate to this E.

Let's go get tatoos...

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