Peas Theme

Sunday, September 20, 2009

If there are moments in your life that are defined my music it may be that some music defines you at certain points in your life. In that vein I have found Peas theme: "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rhianna. Not the genre I typically am drawn too but it is by definition Peas. She loves to dance (aka spin) and shake her 20 month old baby booty.

Peas has the concept of an ipod firmly in place and does her little feet stamp hand clap grin whenever she sees one emerge- she knows what is next. A few problems with her adoration of music: she will beat on and not being gentle to this computer when a song ends- she is desperate for more- she thinks that all screens are touch screens as in the iTouch and gets exceptionally annoyed when they do not 'work'.

We have quite a variety of music on usually- Opera, pop, hip-hop, alternative, old rock, Janis, world music, Rock, U2, classical, show tunes, the kids are pretty eclectic in their appreciation of music. Peas though gets into it. She finds the pocket and goes right for it. She actually has pretty decent rhythm for a 20 month old.

Until the music stops and she errupts into a temper tantrum fit for a little one.


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