kindergarten socialite

Saturday, September 26, 2009

If she could have a rhinestone encrusted pencil case I am sure she would. As it stands Princess's social calender dominates my family calender of commitments- which incidentally I purchased primarily to track her activities.

She is greeted with calls from her friends when we walk up to the playground at school everyday- as if they had not seen each other less than 24 hours prior. She beams and sprints to toss her bag in line then dashes off to join her friends for a riveting game of red light=green light.

She is very kind though. She does let her brother play with her and help him get the hang of the rules and games. Which I love to see- I know this will likely change soon because he will become more of a bother than anything else.

Anyhow. Everyday I get to hear a narrative of one of her new friends and their exploits in kindergarten. Nearly everyday she arrives home with another invitation to a party of play date.

I am pleased she is so social. I am thrilled she is well liked. But I am the intimidated one.


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