I think this counts as sibling love

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We walked to get Princess from kindergarten today as we do everyday- Peas fell asleep in the lurching stroller and Stinky gave a running commentary as to what we were passing which colors things were etc.

As we arrived at school we saw the other mama's assembled by the door that the kindergarten comes out of Stinky was happy to see his friends- the younger sibs of Princess's classmates.

When Princess came out of the door from school Stinky ran up and hugged her hard. She wrapped her arms around him and lifted him up into a super giant hug. Stinky then planted a little brother kiss on her cheek and said "I missed you, I really really missed you".

That show of sibling affection drew 'awws' from mamas and teacher alike- from me it drew laughter. They love each other but they also pick on each other and are experts at button pushing.

My thoughts were it may be sweet now but there will not be much missing and hugging later when I am asking them to please not throw each other down the stairs by the head- if you are going to throw someone down the stairs it is much more polite to use and arm (kidding). But seriously these rare (ok not so rare) moments of sibling affection refresh me and make me thing maybe- I am not screwing them up as much as I thought.


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