Not as bad as I thought

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I have been waxed. The girly bit kind. All of it. All gone. On the recommendation of a friend I made an appointment and went ahead before I had the chance to chicken out.

Honestly it was not bad. I had worked myself up all day dreading this. Anticipating worse pain than childbirth, expecting a slew of awful words not fit for typing. a blood bath in my panties maybe, and what did I get? I think I said 'ow' once or twice. But that was about the extent of it. Yea it hurts but well ripping hair out by the root is going to. But it was a lot less than I expected. A lot.

The waxer was awesome. Erin at Zano's in Naperville on Ogden. She was fab. Chatted the entire way through. So weird that on the way home from their I realized she had seen parts of me that well are pretty private and chatted about minutiae the entire time and maybe that was a little odd.
She was also fantastically fast. Like lightening. awesome- no time to worry- no time to over analyze just over with.

But seriously who pays someone close to $100 to pull out your private parts hair by the root with hot wax? When looked at from that perspective it is a bit (more than a bit) odd- crazy even.
It is kind of weird to walk in say hi, basic introductions, take off your pants and then have her rip out your girly bit hair. Sadly I will say it was better and less painful then several first dates that I have previously been on.

No man (at least none that I have encountered) in their right mind would EVER willingly let someone rip out his hair there with hot wax. Let alone pay someone to do it. Us women are insane.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Oh my goodness-I have been wanting to do this for like 5 years and am just WAY too chicken! Not about the pain but about a total stranger fooling around...down just seems weird. We'll have to talk more about it when I see you-maybe you can convince me but I'm not sure.

Just Me said...

The weirdness of all of that did not fully strike until I was on my way home. She was FANTASTIC totally made me comfortable. Really really sweet. Much less weird than all of the med students/OBs/Midwive/Nurses checking progress all the time. My modesty there is all but gone.

On my way there I was thinking about chickening out and canceling.

But I am so glad I did it. Totally worth it.

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