Me Responsible?? Ummm nope

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yesterday was picture day in our world. Which means that Princess was more interested in primping and preening than average. It also means that for the past week we have been under going outfit negotiations to avoid the 4 year old fashion sense extravaganza that I was treated to last year.

Because she again seemed to grow over night and all of her skirts/dresses seemed to be a tency bit on the short side (and maybe I am totally out of touch on this) we hit Gymboree (a store that is out of my price range but for an occasion such as this and the fact that I had a coupon I sucked it up and went). She is a mini fashonista. NOTHING suited her fancy. She wanted a dress and none met her 'plans' until she found the one- which was actually pretty normal looking- no ostentatious netting or glitter or sequins...just cotton knit with hearts- ok. Sold.

After arriving home from this excursion I noticed that I had managed to lose yes lose the picture order form that was sent home. Opps. I made the mistake of telling Princess this (double opps) she was in hysterics. Convinced that they would not let her get her picture taken. She was devastated. I called the office- the woman who answers the phones now I am on a first name basis with- and apologized and requested a new one- thankfully they had extras. We went a bit early and filled it out, wrote a check, and turned it in.... At last Princess was relieved that she would be allowed to have her picture taken.

I admit I am pretty fussy about the kids taking responsibility for their belongings so it was embarrassing on my part to have lost a needed paper. In my defense and this is pretty weak- the school sends home a small forest every day. Between newsletters- reminders-announcements- fund raisers- etc- we are not friends of the forests of the world. It is also at times hard to sort through the ''needed' forms and the good to know forms' and the schools 'junk mail'.

The next challenge was keeping her somewhat clean before pictures. Because of course it rained over night. I did not want to end up doing an emergency wardrobe change a la the first day of school. At least the drama of that day was still fresh enough in her mind for her to recall the feelings of that day...and she stayed off of the playground.


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