A safety net

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photo credit to Carrie Beck of Shining Wave Photography.

I feel like that is what I am a lot. The kids are getting older and therefore more independent. I don't 'helicopter parent' that has never been my style but I am always there watching observing and able to intervene if things get unsafe or out of hand.

Now with Princess in Kindergarten I feel like I am more of a safety net for her learning to work on the high wire or trapeze. I watch her work out problems with her peers and her brother and sister- I am sometimes amazed by her maturity. She is caring and loving and every moment I am proud of her.

Stinky and Peas still need more guidance and that is a hard balance to strike- between their needs- but I am learning just as they are.

I will always be ready to help when they need it- sometimes they know it and ask and sometimes they don't- but I am there. I will always be there.


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