I live in a spelling bee

Friday, September 25, 2009

What is even worse is I am a terrible speller. Princess is writing now- full words and sentences, occasionally paragraphs. She can sound out a lot words and do pretty well- short words she does really well on- but occasionally- more than occasionally she asks/demands/requests me to spell a word for her. Most of the time I do pretty well. But I am terrified that I am going to pull a Dan Quail and add an extra 'e' or something somewhere.

Out of habit I'll say the word- then spell the word- then say it again. Add a pleated, plaid, wool, skirt and some knee socks and it would be all over.

When does this end? I am assuming that I am going to end up having to spell 'chrysanthemum' or something without spell check- somethings I am just not ready for


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