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Friday, July 31, 2009


Interesting fact. There was a survey and 1 in 10 women say that they have not had truly great sex at any point in their lives. Really? That seems kind of high. Guys get with it! Come on!

Not that great sex has ever been the norm but it has happened. Granted it was with one guy (yes, its B).

Maybe part of the issue is men and women define good sex in different ways. For it to be great sex it has to not involve acting on my part. It also has to have more than that- the love, connection, passion, etc to be truly great sex. Yes it has happened. No it was not on our wedding night. Mostly it is feeling so loved and loving someone so much that it has to get out it has to be expressed- to be shared. And feeling the same in return.

Maybe guys define great sex as mind blowing physical stimulation. Which while fine- does not at least for me come close to great sex.

Have you had truly great sex (in your definition?) What do you define great sex as?


netgyks said...

Oh yeah. Great sex is one of the true joys in life. I think it's when two people are so connected by love that they travel down the road to pure heaven in harmony.

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