Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recently I have tried incorporating exercise into my daily routine as a method of combating stress, fatigue, depression, and whatever else I can throw at it.

So I got a 40 minute video from Amazon with the intention of doing it daily. It has been a week and I have missed 2 days. Once because I over did it the day prior with the video and a five mile walk and the other because my motivation was on vacation.

Thus far I have seen very limited results (like none) in the way of stress relief, depression, alleviation, or fatigue reduction....no also to results related to toning and strengthening.

However there have been a few things of note. Three kids are pretty funny to watch attempt imitate the video- Peas particularly likes the knee bends- she is pretty good at them too! Also the number of times that I can be used as a bridge for cars and trains to go under is directly proportional to the frequency that I would be lowering to plank pose or dolphin. Also dolphin and plank poses are much harder when there are kids sitting on your back.

Another lesson of note- they can entertain themselves for hours on end with dolls and colors unless I am doing something during which I want to be left alone- then only Mama will do


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