Good Morning....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last night was a LATE night for the kids. So why Stinky woke up this morning at 7 am padding into my room saying 'its morning time mama!' I cracked one eye open- it was indeed morning. Very morning. After the fun and busy and chaotic day that we had yesterday I had kind of counted on the kid sleeping a little later than normal. Nope no luck here!

Yesterday was the older two kids joint birthday. Why, you ask as their birthdays are two months apart?? Simply put, I am lazy- the thought of organizing two birthdays for the kids approximately one month apart makes me nervous. Considering I get terrified and stressed before having people over twice in as many months would not be a good thing.

So food was ordered- 4 ft sub that was devoured in minutes- seriously minutes- so pizza's were ordered- which are also gone. We also had fruit salad- also gone- pasta salad -about a cup left- baked beans- gone- chips, pretzels, salsa, veggie tray, guacamole- all with essentially none left over. Oh and the big thing: alcohol- 2 cases of beer- case of Mikes- and a heck of a lot of hard alcohol. gone. I forgot how much people drink.

It was a good party. Lots of people. Kids had three kid pools in which to splash in and play in- which they did- the grass looks a bit squishy now still. They loved it.

Not to forget the cake. We sang twice- once to each kid- they loved it- and the cake. Then the presents. Every year I hope to not write vague thank you notes that do not somehow thank the person for coming and celebrating with us without mentioning a gift because the presents were torn into so fast that I could not keep track of them- sadly this years thank you notes will be very similar to the years past: "Thank you for coming- we were so happy to see you" or some variation thereof. as Cubs fans say "There's always next year!"


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