Happy (wet) Independence Day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

There should be a rule. It should have to be way to hot to be reasonable and not rainy- ideally sunny and glare-y so sprinklers and water balloon fights are appealing.

Today it is chilly and wet and rainy and yucky. ewww. I do not want to take the kids to the fireworks at the county fairgrounds to wade through mud and trudge to wet grass and sit- conversely I do not want to miss the fireworks- they are always a family tradition.

So it is not nice today. But we had fun (kind of) anyway. We did not walk in the parade today. Instead the kids watched one. They had never seen a Fourth of July parade. They had only been in them- they love that even more than watching them I think- what kid does not want to be at the center of attention with crowds literally lining the street waving at them?

But today we were spectators. Princess loved it. She danced with the flags and clapped and cheered- and chased candy with the other kids. Stinky was a bit confused- he did not 'get' the candy for a while and there were some snotty greedy kids next to us who did not let him have much of a chance. He got some anyway. Peas was confused. She liked it but was into it like the other two.

Then we trekked home. Instead of a BBQ or fest or something the two older kids got to see their first movie in a theatre. As mentioned before- I am not a movie theatre fan- so I did not go with them for this first. Kinda sad about that. I think it would have been fun to see their faces as the lights dim and the previews start. I stayed at home with Peas and tried (and failed) to get her to sleep. When the two older ones got home I got to hear all about it- the verdict- movie theatres are fun. I may just have to buy shower caps for them to ease my lice fears.


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