Quite the day

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had a few interesting emails today...

Someone was surprised to see my husband was newly dead- Ummm ok did I miss something? Ok whatever...

my wonderful first husband from whom I am happily divorced has found me. Lovely. moving my family into a bomb shelter would seem appropriate action at this point. So dear ex husband of many years- please leave me and my family in peace. And I have 2 very big dogs.


womanNshadows said...

hi, womanNshadows here. your blog was recommended to me by email by Split-Second Single Father. i just wanted to stop by and say in response to this particular entry, "ah the luxury of an underground dwelling to escape the ex."

in case you wish to talk to a veteran of this type of conflict, you can go to my profile to email me. or hang back as is your wish. i am here. i know how valuable a sympathetic ear can be. more than that, though, i know how valuable the empathetic soul who's been there can be. reading between the lines of what you can't say and all.

i see you have 2 very big dogs. to protect me, i had one very big Marine, but his sudden death is the reason for my blog and the reason i am back to hanging over the abyss with the ex.

as i said, i am here.

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