Day at the beach

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It is not really a beach- more of a sand box. It has no entry into the water aside from stairs and a pier but it still was fun.

A last minute trip but most impulse things are fun anyway.

So today the day after a dreary wet fourth my family loaded into my sexy minivan and off we went.

Princess had been a few times before, as had Stinky, but this was Peas inaugural journey as it was the Huskies first time there and in the water.

After a few false starts (who can remember everything the first time out the door) we were actually on the road- and no one was fighting- yet.

Once arriving we had the obligatory greetings the 'hi's haven't seen you in a while' comments shortly enough we were on the way to the lake (which is a glorified pond) and on the boat for Peas first ride. Suited up in life jackets, with enough adults for each child, piloted by UT we began a slow tour of the lake refreshed by spray ever so often- we watched the tubers, the skiers, the wave runners tried unsuccessfully into getting the kids excited about tubing. Peas ended up being in love with the boat, and eventually exhausted by it. While Stinky and Princess stood up and enjoyed the wind and the spray.

The kids love their extended family. They are for the moment the youngest on that side and can rest on the laurels of adoration. They know it. Sand castles were built and destroyed in tragic sieges fun was had. After an impromptu family dinner in which Peas out ate everyone (girl loves her chicken- eating with two forks...while feeding her self she was simultaneously prepping the next bite). Then packing everyone back up and heading home...they were asleep before 10 minutes into the trip.

It was a great afternoon. As much as I can complain about my in-laws you will never meet nicer or more generous people than this particular branch. I am so very thankful for them.


Lisa said...

I'm glad you had a great day!

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