Monday, July 6, 2009

Princess has always been a shoe gal. They were her first favorite article of clothes. She would line her shoes up on her floor by pairs as a toddler. She had more shoes than I do- I think she still does.

One time I took her to Babies 'R' Us and she picked out a pair of sandals. She loved them. She bathed with them on later that night and slept in them- the theme has continued. Princess is a true girl in that shoe shopping falls under her list of competitive sports- and she takes it seriously now debating the pros and cons of particular pairs comfort- style- colors etc. Even though she has an issue getting the correct shoe on the correct foot- she loves her shoes. Soon I can take her and have her be my personal style consultant.

Anyway. Despite the plethora of shoes that she owns- there does not seem to be a shoe designed that she cannot walk out of. Tevas, regular sandals, gym shoes, any of them she can walk out of effectively. It is kind of a comedy- a frustrating comedy but a comedy. Short of duct tape any ideas?


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