how was my day you ask??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you sure you want to know? lets start with some quick stats.
1 mom
3 kids
2 dogs
2 cats

Summer day in Chicagoland

at several points during the day I was wondering if the kids had forgotten their brains somewhere or were trying to make me loose it- seriously I was dangerously close so many times to loosing my temper.

The things they did were just strange- they know better- I know they know better- they know they know better- so why did they act all kinds of nuts?

anyway in addition to the doing things that are just not allowed- when I would correct or redirect they paid no attention- nothing. The blatant and repeated disobeying was so maddening.

The dogs were not innocent either. They had accidents in Peas' room.

The topper??? Stepping on broken porcelain and getting hundreds of tiny slivers in my foot- that I have no idea how to get out.

Typically I could just chalk this up to being a rough day but it was the last really warm day in a while (so Mr. Skilling says) and I was hoping to head to the pool today or somewhere that was not the house. When they are acting up it is hard to decide to take them out because if they do not listen at a pool then worst case they drown... anywhere else I am sure I could come up with some equally horrific scenario. Also I want them to learn that behaving well = fun; conversely that not listening pushing limits having a poor attitude = not so much fun.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Yeah there have been many times I was ready to take A somewhere fun and close enough to leaving she does something naughty so she doesn't get to go. :( It punishes me too but she has to learn that being naughter = no fun.

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