Little Fishes

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week we started swimming lessons. By we I mean the kids. By kids I mean the two oldest. It is unfortunate because Peas is also a mermaid and would love to join her brother and sister in the water but unfortunately at 17.5 months is a bit below the age three beginning limit at our park district. This is also sad because she objects, loudly and strenuously when she is unable to join her sibs in the pool.

Peas has the temper tantrum pathetic cry/wail down like an old pro. Too upset to walk, she lays on the floor and puts her head on the floor and lets all of her angst out in a series of gut wrenching sob/wails- always with tears. Then she, still devastated will crawl- yes crawl despite the fact she has been able to walk for a good 9 months- to me and again let me know how tragic her life is. Really I do not have a heart of stone- she is just dramatic.

Back to swimming.

Stinky loves it. Well all of my kids seem to be part fish. But him first. He rolls, jumps, kicks, splashes, etc. For watching his lessons I am not entirely sure what he is learning aside from just having a great time playing in the water... But for a three year old kicking, floating, and bubbles seems to suit just fine. He is pretty funny when he comes out of the pool shivering and shaking so proud of himself so eager to tell me what he did today- as if had not been sitting 15 ft away.

Princess this year is in 'deep' water. Deep being relative to the idea that she is five. She is floating and using a kick board and also loving it. She takes it a bit more seriously though- she wants to learn and get to be a 'really good swimmer'. Sometimes she gets frustrated if she is not getting it as fast as she would like too- a feeling I know well.

All in all swimming lessons are fun. They love to play in the water and lessons seem to be an excuse to do that.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Yeah, during Anne's lessons they went to the deep end and I thought "Isn't all water deep when it's above your head-whether it's 3 feet or 5 feet?"

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