Operation Beautiful

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This post is because of this blog and this website: Operation Beautiful. I am a girl who has long struggled with self image and self worth, self whatever (I hate the phrase 'self esteem' cliche and trite).

But I stumbled upon this website and I was thrilled to see that women are reaching out to women- unknown women at that and leaving a small affirmation that could very well make their day and change it for the better. Typically I never feel good enough. No matter what I do I never ever feel good enough, pretty, thin- whatever. By doing this small act I am helping someone else even briefly feel good about themselves or at least better- I hope. It is a small step but it is better than the constant barrage of stick thin women- of moms who seem super human- of all of it.

For my life that I can remember I have wanted to change things, to make a difference, to help people to do something for the greater good- this is certainly not a cure for cancer or anything but it is SOMETHING- and after all something is better than nothing.

Remember the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty? I loved that. It celebrated the 'real beauty' of women and girls not the airbrushed cultural absurdities that we as women have come to accept and aspire too. This is my contribution to a smaller version of that.

So I will be armed with a pack of post-its and a sharpie and instead of painting the town red I will be sticking post-its up to remind all of us that just as we are we are beautiful- we are special- we are enough. and maybe after writing this a few hundred times I'll believe it too.


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