Only my kids

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It is a widely known fact that my kids are a bit precocious and not exactly gentle with toys- not that I expect them to be but heavens- they give toy manufacturers a run for their money.

A recent example:

One day last week I was outside kvetching with my neighbor and the kids were digging (big surprise right? Shovels + Dirt = happy kids) anyway Stinky went in and got one of the toys he had received for his birthday but not yet opened - the train bubble machine. I had no batteries but my neighbor donated some to the cause of course as it is a newly manufactured toy it has the battery compartment secured with a screw after unscrewing, installing batteries, and rescrewing Stinky took off with the train. A few steps later he fell and managed to open the battery compartment leaving the screw intact and without breaking anything. Only one of my children could pull off such a feat.

This to be honest is one of the most annoying toys out there. It blows bubbles, makes noise, and moves- which of course delights the kids and the makers of Advil.

My neighbor joked that my kids should be product testers. If they cannot break it in a few weeks of hard action then it is good- if like most everything else it is destroyed in seconds it is average. Any ideas how I can get them a gig doing that??


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Oh my goodness! My daughter is another prime example of breaking and destroying toys! Except, she doesn't do it on accident, she does it on purpose! How about your kids be the play testers-if it can last a few weeks, hand it to me and if mine can't destroy it purposefully it should be deemed "safe". I think very few toys will pass that standard!

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