Lack of Updates

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I apologize to anyone poor soul who reads this for my lack of writing lately. I have been uninspired.

On Thursday we went to the Dupage Childrens Museum (thanks Mom for the gift- one of the best gifts ever- something to do that gets us out and does not need to be put away). This time the kids really enjoyed themselves. Stinky and Princess made flags and had a great time decorating them. It is awesome to watch their creative juices flow.

Stinky is learning how to use scissors and he was so thrilled when he successfully cut things. His flag was more free-form collage like. Princess made hers and wanted it to look like 'Our Flag' (the American Flag).. she was devastated that it did not look just like it. Which kind of bugged me. I miss the days of pure creativity of things guided not by copying something but by doing what struck her fancy.

Of course we played in the water (gee it is COLD) and played with bubbles- those are two activities that we cannot visit the museum without visiting. Also playing with wind was fun. Pease loved making the pin wheel spin. Stinky enjoyed using the tubes to blow scarfs and balls through the channels and seeing how changing the winds' direction moved them. Princess enjoyed learning about how air moved other objects and could be directed to do things. Amazingly my head did not spin off from trying to keep track of them all; it is a lot of work to keep an eye on of all of the kids.

We were there for four hours and only got through about a half of the museum. When we left I was struck with a migraine from hell. The kind when I could not move my head the pain went down my neck and made my ears roar- this was sad because I wanted to take the kids to somewhere special to celebrate Stinky's birthday.


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