Busy Week

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It has been a bit busy, a little bit crazy, a little bit well of everything. It has gone oh so fast. I can hardly believe that it is Thursday already.

Monday was my 11 year old niece's surgery. She has had a few of them over the years to help correct a venous deformation/hemangioma on her face. She has been very brave through them. This time I was a bit more nervous. Maybe because last time she had one I was not a mom yet or because Princess had surgery last year and I was an absolute wreck over it- which ever it was I was nervous for her which made for a rough day on Monday because I was anxious over it.

It was successful but not as straight forward as anticipated. It bled more and she ended up needing to spend a few days in the PICU and receive extra units of blood. She had a follow up operation yesterday- and that went pretty well. She is still uncomfortable, in pain, and somewhat groggy- So thankfully she was released today. Hopefully she will have a smooth recovery.

The rest of the week the kids had swimming lessons that took up more time than I planned.

Of course- we ran out of toilet paper. How I missed that no idea- but we did. You'd think that I would have noticed.


Krissi said...

I have a facial hemaangioma too. I am 28 now, but I have had 8 surgeries from the time I was 4-17. I am now looking for a new doctor to treat it. I live in Las Vegas, but I am looking for any doctors that specialize in this type of thing as there are none here. Could you send me the name of her doctor??

Thank you,
Krissi Lenox

Just Me said...

Krissi she was out of childrens memorial for her first few operations then she due to insurance was at UIC. I do not know the names of her specific docs but I can ask my sister.

my email is makingitfunblog@gmail.com follow up with me there!

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