That is how babies are born?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TLC's "A Baby Story" has provided quite an education for my five year old as to how babies enter the world. Today was a natural midwife attended birth- there was quite a bit of distress from the mother- and help from a doula and the midwife to ease the mama's pain. Princess's eyes got wider and wider she asked very appropriate questions as to what was happening and actually shockingly I knew the answers.

We discussed how it is a lot of work to have a baby that it can hurt but there are ways to help she liked the idea of the big bath tub the best. She really likes watching these shows- she loves rooting for the gender of the baby and cheering the mama on. She has also announced that she does not want to have any babies because she does not want to bleed-- so maybe I could use this as future birth control.

She did ask if it hurt to have her and her siblings. Again I answered as honestly as I could that it did hurt but it was worth it a million times over. That I had a lot of help and I was so happy that they were here.


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