Thursday, July 30, 2009

The past two days in our house have not been my finest. I have been crazy stressed and the kidlets have not been helping. Is there a moon phase? Mercury in retrograde?? What is it?

Out and out defiance- just doing things that are not nice. Making sad choices- toys needing to take breaks- just not good.

Today was awful. I am seriously twitching. The poor attitude, whining-- etc. Example: sat the kids down for dinner. Stinky refused to eat using his fork and spoon and made a delightful mess of himself and everything. He knew he was a mess. I went upstairs to run the bath came down and he was doing a mixed media art project on the tv screen and remote which now has applesauce stuck between the buttons. Put him in the tub- the other kids joined him came down stairs to start the clean up of the floor, the chair, the wall etc. Stinky kept getting out of the tub- I told him he needed to stop or he had to get out because I did not want him to get hurt. So this should come as no surprise to any parent readers I may have what does he do?? gets out again and falls. shocking. Taking that as the cue that bath time was over we went into the bedroom with him screeching protests all the way. When I asked him to help me get him dressed in PJs..he said 'no' Oh really? Lets try that one again shall we??
When we FINALLY got downstairs he started to whine for a snack.. how unfortunate- he chose to make a mixed media masterpiece with dinner as opposed to eating sad that he was now hungry- then maybe he'll eat breakfast.

Picture that kind of scenario all day. for two days.

I lay in bed with Peas getting her to sleep and prayed for help. Because honestly I am scared I cannot do this. I am so scared and so tired. All joking and sarcasm aside- I am genuinely afraid.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Anne has been discovering the "joys" of having to live w/ deciding not to eat her meal recently too. Half an hour after she eats, or should I say not eats, she says "I'm hungry..." well too bad little lady. You had your chance.

Keep in mind that Bible verse-maybe in 1 Corinthians-that God will not give you anything you cannot bear. Ultimately, whatever your religious views, He made these children, He gave them to you. You can trust He knows what he is doing. Even if you don't.

Just Me said...

I try and remember that I would not be given something that I can handle. Which is hard.

Lisa said...

You ARE doing it. It is hard and there will be good days, so-so days and bad days where you would rather sell them then to go on. You just have to take each day as best you can.

And yes, God gives you what he knows you can handle and you are where you are for a reason...have faith.

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