sticker shock

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

growing up my dad took fanatical care of his car. I mean fanatic- and was not even a car guy.

We never had bumper stickers. Or any stickers for that matter with the exception of the city sticker that we were legally required to have- adhesive and the car were not compatible in his world.

Now some bumper stickers are bumper magnets. which is pretty handy- support your cause-without making a mess on your car! win win right?

I use my 2 bumper stickers for a slightly different purpose- car identification. I have a common car a very common car in a very common color and picking it out of 20 others in a row at a shopping center or grocer is not fun. So I use my bumper stickers to pick it out of the crowd. Not the use specifically intended for the bumper sticker but it works for me- and the kids have fun looking for them.


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